About Us

Auction Focus Private Limited has developed a global platform and is providing immense opportunities to all concerned parties to have exchange of information / data in respect of NPAs/ stressed assets / other assets with ultimate motive of faster selling of movable and immovable properties. We have successfully managed an online auction platform for the last eight years without a single technical error for over thousands of auctions. Previous experience has given us confidence to come up with another platform where we are not only focusing on auction platform but also focusing on making the auction successful event.

Our e-auction service and technology are capable of handling all activities of e-auction viz. from collecting the bid forms online to carrying out e-Auction. This not only ensures transparent process of auction, but also provides a highly secured environment, ultimately making the procedure smooth enough and substantial saving of time & money of the lenders.

We arrange to display public notices of the Banks/SFCs, related to possession / auction etc… of assets pertaining to NPA accounts and other properties on our portal. Notice/Information is continued to be displayed on the portal till the asset is sold/disposed off. This results into enhanced probability for generating inquiry about the asset available on the platform.

Our ultimate focus is to find the right buyer for NPA and for the other properties_. We source investors and have large investor base across the globe and interested in investing geographical area of their own choice. They are able to view all investment opportunities displayed on our portal. We have strong network of facilitators, who can help in solving legal issues and can provide value added services i.e. funding, sale certification etc.. We also have the huge network of real estate agents across the country, who help us in finding the right buyer at various locality.

Apart from NPA and other assets auctions, we also have the option to conduct online auction for fine art, decorative art, jewelry, collectible, furniture and many more.

The advanced technology adopted by us renders following benefits to investors, which will ultimately result into quicker sale of NPA and sale of other assets:

Investors can filter data as per their choice - location wise / industry wise / value wise etc.

Investors can record their criteria of preferences in the system. As soon as property as per their preference is uploaded, sms /mailer will reach to them.

Auctionfocus.in - not only e-auction portal

We thought of helping Banks /FIs and others in their efforts for selling NPA as well other assets and we designed and launched dedicated portal named auctionfocus.in. The portal contains features that strengthened us in our effort to find the right buyer and make auction successful event - be it on behalf of Bank or borrower or from the other parties also.


How we could do this: Our core strength

The Promoters : are having rich knowledge from the various industries. Their enterprising mindset have given them the best experience to handle the situation as well as they have achieved a lot professionally as well personally in other fields as well. The core team is a mixture of Sales & Marketing, Finance and IT professionals.

Large network of investors : With the quality of services the promoters have captured place of preferred consultant in the minds of Investors /Funders.

Technology adoption : The portal launched by the promoters was just for the listing of properties and registration of investors etc. However, with the Government decision to go for online auction, they upgraded the portal for providing e-auction services to banks /FIs etc.

Franchise/Associates Network : As we are working on franchise and associates model, we are able to work anywhere in India. We have also plans to take portal globally and we are working on it.